Letters from Bridget - 6 Jul 1885

Mullabawn July 6, 1885
Dear Son and Daughter and fanily I rite you those fiew lines to let you know that my family and I are all well and in good health we were all very happy to hear of you and family enjoying good health my own health is as good as it was twenty years ago onely for the stiffness of my limbs I got your letter and money all aright which I am for ever obliged to you and your kind wife yous have my blessing and all my family joins me, the poor begger Women when they call they be asking about you an when they hear of your kindness they be praying and blessing you an your family the neigh-bors are very proud to hear how well you are doing Ireland is very low at present every thing is cheap and it is very hard to make money the very best of them are busy enough this must be a late season crops of all kinds are very short we have a very drie summer a little rain would doo good we had a very could month of May with some frost we got no letter from Patrick, James or Ellen this eight years we rote too or three times I think Patrick must be dead or else he would not forget me, like your self he was very good child Edwin Ssherlin and wife both died there was about nine months be-tween them there is a son of Peter Smith's home from collage he was ordained last week Dundalak is in co., Loidh it is onley three short mile from the co., Armarh Neury is in Armagh Patrick Dolan that was at School along with you he is a Doctor this last ten or twelve years his brother Thomas died he has a younger Brother a Priest there is a great deal of the people who was injected out of there places did not get back John is getting very old looking and stiff my family joines me in saying that we are for ever tankful of you and your Wife for your kindness thanks be to god
I remain your loving mother Bridget Keenan to Bernard Keenan