Letters from Bridget - Jan 1886

Mulabawn January 1886
My Dear Son and Daughter In-law and family you know that I received the greatest of pleasure I rite you those fiew/fuw lines to let you know that I received your letter which leaves us all very happy to hear of you all being in good health I also got the money you sent me on Thursday 30th of December which was a welcome Newyear's gift Peter his wife and all the rest of the family joins with me in sending our harty thank's to you and your kind wife You and your kind wife was praised by rich and poor the poor are praying to God you to have the hight of good luck in every way for how you are thinking of me and my charge my health is as good as it was tewnty years ago onely that I am getting very stif I lie in my bead in the mornings untill ten and eleven the morning your letter came to us I was taking my breakfast they did not tell me until I had don Peter kindled the pipe and was taking it to me I raised up he had the pip in one hand and the letter in the other well mother which of the too will you have I took the letter kissed it and cried not for grief but with joy those too last summers was wormer than what we had for a long time past this was a very favor-able winter we had a little frost and onely one day's snow the Potato crop was very good this last too seasons corn and flax is yealding very badly all sorts of cattle are come to very low price oats never was so low in price it is onely 5 = 9 per hundred it never was so hard to make money there is very busy times in the country the Tenants striving to get the rents reduced it is expected there will be buisy times in Parliment at this sitting they will sit on the 12 = 13 of this month I will send you a paper then there was a great many deaths here this twelve months past Bernard Smith and Catherin Gollogly are both dead they died the one week in last August ....... your Brothers and sisters joins me in sending our love and best wishes to you and your Wife and family wishing you all a happy new year and many of them May God protect you aginst them roughs ..... I will conclude for the present hoping to hear from you soon from you
I remain you loving Mother Bridget Keenan to Bernard Keenan