Letters from Bridget - 31 Dec 1883

MULLABAWN 31 Dec 1883
My Dear son it is with the greatest of pleasures I rite you those fiew lines to let you know that I received kind and welcome letter which gave us all great satisfaction to hear you your Wife and family being in the enjoyment of good health My family and I are quite well I received your letter on the 20th and after that I got the money on the 26th is was a welcome Christmas box

My Dear Son and Daughter-in-law and Children my family and I is for ever obliged to you and your kind wife besides ourselves being thankful of yous the neighborhood are all glad to hear how well you are doing the all say you have got the best woman in all America the has being very good crops here this season especially the Potato crop the Flax crop was doing very well untill this last eight or nine years since that it has don a great deal of harm the people about here does not intend to sow any more of it but we did not quit soon enough oats is giving very low price this fiew years 6 shillings and 6=3 per hundred is the common price so it is very hard to raise money the is no chance of earning a shiling in this country My Dear Child I remember the time befor you went to America when there was word of thomas going in you place how you would be leaping behind at the back of my chair and saying mother speak for me to go you are happy blessed that left this country the time you did there is none of those tenants that was enjiected out of there places they did not get back yet thanks be to god we are not near so bad as what we were three or four years ago we may thank you for a deal of it I hope the almighty will send you double as much in the place of what you sent me, you and your wife and family has your brothers and sisters wife and family blessings along with mine we got no letter from the rest of the family this long time I am very glad picture pleased you from your mother Bridget Keenan to my Son B. Keenan