Letters from Bridget - 16 Mar 1880

Mullabawn March 16th 1880
Dear son it is with pleasure I commence to inform you that we got your letter on Tuesday 9th of March and on Friday the 12th we got the money Sam MAGRWN came in to the post office as I was sitting on a chair and he signed his name to the cheque and said he was very glad to have it to do we are ever obliged to you and no mistake it came in a good time I sent Peter with it the next day and paid the rent which we are sure of another year and I hope the times will be better then is a great many out of their place and plenty in houses in a very bad way there is what they call Parish relief giving out every week to the suffering poor that is to those that cannot get it any other way but no one else it commenced here last week and is in all the Parishes in Ireland what money is a collecting in America the most of it is going to the west of Ireland the Forkhill Parish was the last that got any of it since the time that our lease was broke the rent was raised the rent of the whole farm is 15 pounds. Dear son it will be a renewal of health to me to hear from you and your mistress and family may God pour a blessing upon you all we rote to Patrick a year ago and got no answer we got a letter from Ellen about 12 months and we were very sorry to hear her daughters death I have her likeness yet and Patricks and his mistress's likeness and two of yours Peter was in England this time you sent yours and we sent one of them to him he got it framed very nicely it cost him four and six pence it is as fresh today as it was the day you sent it I be seeing them with the fire and pleasing my mind looking at them, we were all very glad to hear of you and your family being well and in good health Knowing that you will feel happy to hear of us all enjoying the same thank's be to God for all his holy gifts, at the time you sent for Thomas or Peter one of them to go Thomas would not go and Father would not let Peter go as he thought he would answer better with John and Margaret and his self and he never turned his toung on his father or mother nor would he let any one else there might be a change for the better in twelve months as self the neighbors are all very glad for what you have don and is blessing you may God bless and mark you with grace the post master in Forkhill said there came more money order's to him this last month than did since he started all from America. Ireland is in a very bad way. Write soon and let us know how you are all doing as we will feel happy to hear from you again and let us know how the rest of the family is. Your old sweetheart Mary Ann is married and has nine of a family. Michael Gologhy is dead too years ago. Peter and misses and family John and Margaret joins with me in sending our love and best respects to you and your Mrs and family in this warmest manner. We are forever obliged to you for what you have don us the money we got it was [an unreadable section] It was a blessing to get so good a gift [another stained area ..unreadable] No more at the present from your loving mother and Brothers and Sisters.

Dear Brother Bernard if it is a thing that I ever get ritch or gets as far as a trifle of money you are in title to it I will never forget it to you, your Brother Peter.