Letters from Bridget - Explaination

She had children .... Bernard came to America, Patrick, Ellen, James, whom I believe came to America also .... while Peter, and Thomas, stayed in Ireland. She mentions "John" in one of her nine letters, but gives no hint as to his relationship to the family.

The old house Alvin inherited burned and Grandma Grace Keenan Shearer's house in Biggs burned .... how did these letter's ever survive, until my aunt Bertha gave them to me in 1982 ? WSB.

At the time these letters were received, the Keenan's were still living in Weston, Oregon, and all four children living at home.

There is or was a hint that the family came from Cork before coming to Mullabawn.

9 Letters from Bridget - Mullabawn Post Office by Forkill Co., Armagh Ireland, to son Bernard as of 5 Jan 1895