More of Winnie's Memories

Bernard and Lydia's hotel in Biggs, Or . burned to the ground, in the early 1920's. I recall the hotel as well as remember my great grandparents, I loved them very much. Great grandpa Keenan was a mail carrier for Moro and Sherman Counties or Wasco and Moro or ? Sherman. He covered a lot of ground by foot and by horse, said he got so thirsty at times he drank what little water he could find captured in the hoof prints ( could he be teasing a little great grand daughter, I wasn't going to school yet abt. 1922-23?)

He was bitten on one his shins by a dog, during one of his rounds .. it became badly infected becoming an open ulcer. It eventually got so bad he could no longer work. He had beautiful white hair and a full white beard, and sharp twinkling dark eyes. He had his photo taken with his three great grand daughters, ELLA, Mary's girl,..... BERNICE, Carl's girl and myself, the youngest, WINIFORD, Mabel's .. girl. Notice our frowning faces, his leg gave off a bad smell and we show it .... yet look how we lean and stay by him ...... he was very kind and gentle and loved us dearly as we loved him.